Thought I'd let everyone know that the CD is on sale for the holidays. Visit the Home Is Not Here website and enter the code 'hohoho' at checkout for a 20% discount on the CD version of "You are a secret." Happy holidays!



Happy Halloween everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I've updated the Facebook page. You can now listen to and purchase tracks from the last album inside Facebook. Pretty neat, eh?

Not too much else to report here. I am still recording the new album, bit by bit. I often feel like giving a progress update, but I've done a lot of tearing down and building back up, so I think that that might still be premature.

Anyway, hope all is well you y'all! 'Til next time!



Again, I've dropped the ball and forgotten to send out an update for months on end. I'm going to stick with my usual excuse and blame the fact that I'm still insanely busy with doctoral studies. But the really bad thing is that I recently let an important anniversary pass by: Sept 7th was the one-year anniversary of the release of You are a secret, and you must never tell it. Can you believe it? Sometimes it seems like a world of time has passed between then and now; sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday I put it out. Sigh…

Anyway, to celebrate, my record label Home Is Not Here is offering the CD for 10 percent off the usual price. Just enter the code "anniversary" at checkout. (The download version is, as always, name-your-price.)

In other news, I've decided to sit down in earnest to record the follow-up. Up until recently, I kind of thought that the album would just happen by osmosis. Why, I have no idea – that’s certainly not how the last album was made… At any rate, I've decided to make the new album much more of a priority, and so I'm devoting one night a week to work on all things musical. It's not nearly as much as I like, but I figure it's better than waiting for inspiration to strike. This way, I can approach it like any other job – and often, it is a job! – and then, if inspiration does strike, that'll just be bonus time!

I also discovered that I have over forty songs in various stages of completion! I was kind of shocked! I'm going to do my best to get as many as I can down. Oh, and another great thing is that, over the last few years, I've developed a great network of musician-friends scattered all across the continent, so I have ample opportunity for collaboration. I'm really excited for the next few months!



All of my love to the people of Japan. If you haven't already, please consider donating to the relief effort. Every little bit helps.



Hey, did you see this week's edition of Here magazine? I'm on the cover, and there's a great article inside. You can check it out here.



Fantastic news! Boston-based netlabel No Source is re-releasing my EP "In the Shadow of the Mountain." This fantastic netlabel is "dedicated to releasing great free music to a broader audience."

No Source was really excited about the re-release, and we managed to get things organized pretty quickly. That means that there's no wait for you! If you haven't already downloaded "In the Shadow of the Mountain," you can download it at No Source as of Monday, February 7th. Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention this: IT'S STILL FREE!

The EP is being released simultaneously with music from Boletes, a lo-fi indie project from Scotland. And there are a ton of other great acts to check out too!

Also: You are a secret... is back on sale! Yup, the holiday sale went so well that the CD version of my album is again available for 20% off. Just add code"secret" at checkout! And shipping is much cheaper now too!

One more thing: I'm being interviewed for Here magazine on Monday. I'll let you know how it goes...



I just found out that You are a secret... was featured at The Indie Machine. They posted a little blurb in their "In Case You Missed It" series. You can read the article here.

Also, got some exciting news coming up. Check back here soon...



Hey! I'll be chatting with Dylan at CHLY tomorrow night at 5PM Pacific (9:00 Atlantic). Tune in and listen to me awkwardly ramble about the record, things I like, and all that good stuff.



Just thought I'd let you know that the Home Is Not Here homepage was updated yesterday.



I love you BC! Kites Overhead is currently #13 at CFBX (Kamloops) and #11 at CHLY (Nanaimo). Oh, and I'm also up to #2 on the Fredericton Reverbnation chart. Thanks so much everyone!



So the article that was up at Closed Park was briefly pulled down - but it's up now, and it's also been posted at NxEW! I'm really excited - an artist spotlight in Canada's most comprehensive music site! What a great present for the holidays!



More good news! I just learned about two great online reviews! Well, to be more precise, I already knew about one, since it was a half-review, half-interview. You can find that one at Midnight Poutine, a Montreal music blog. Read my interview here.

I also discovered a great review, quite by accident, at the Closed Park site. That one's available here. Holy smokes!

Also, in case you didn't know, my label is currently offering a 25% discount on the CD version of You are a secret... Just enter code "secret" at checkout. And yes, the digital download version is still name-your-price.



So, a much happier review is up at the Herohill website. Please read.

Also, I'm very happy to report that radio stations from coast to coast are playing Kites Overhead. If you're a fan of campus radio, please do me a solid and ask for some Kites Overhead on your airwaves!



Just sending out a little update to let you know that the fine folks at i(heart)music have reveiwed the new album. You can find the write-up here. It's not the nicest review in the world, but Matthew does have a few kind words to say...



Phew! School has been keeping me busy! Who knew a PhD would be so time-consuming! Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I've updated my Facebook and MySpace pages, and added a few more streaming tracks from the new album.

Also, while I'm mentioning the new album, I would like to say thanks to everyone who has downloaded it or ordered a CD. You are so awesome!



Whoa! I can't believe the new album is coming out in just a matter of days! I'm very, very excited. Remember: the new album is available in two formats: a CD, which will set you back about fifteen bucks plus shipping, and a download version, for which you can pay as much or as little as you like!

Oh - one more thing: the entire album is now available to listen to in streaming format on the Home Is Not Here website!



I am very excited to be announcing to everyone the release of my first full-length album, called You are a secret, and you must never tell it. Recorded in Ottawa, Montreal and the Canadian Arctic over the span of three years, it picks up where the EP “In the Shadow of the Mountain” leaves off, earnestly blending electronic, folk, pop and rock elements. It’s being released by Home Is Not Here Records, and will be available on September 7th, 2010.

The album will be available in two formats. For those who still like to hold your music in your hands, there’s the CD, which comes in a beautiful, environmentally friendly recycled paperboard sleeve. It’s priced at a reasonable $15 CAD plus shipping.

For the more modern folk, there is also a digital version available – in virtually any format your heart desires, including mp3, FLAC, Apple Lossless and more. What’s even better about the digital album? You can name your price. That’s right – you get to decide how much money your want to spend on the digital version of the album. And yes, that even means that you can decide to pay nothing! No problem! I want you to hear the music more than I want your money. (Of course, I’ll never turn down any money…) Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that this deal will last forever – but I do promise that as long as my costs are low, I’ll be keeping prices low.

Thank you very much for your patience. I know that I’ve been promising this album for a long time – here’s hoping it was worth your wait!



I got a pleasantly surprising email yesterday night from The Foreman of the Lumberyard, a radio show broadcast on CFRC from Kingston, Ontario. Each week, they feature a new Canadian release, and this email stated that this week, "In the Shadow of the Mountain" is going to be featured! All three tracks are going to be played, as well as a few words about Kites Overhead. I'm speechless!

The show will be on live today at 5:00PM Eastern time (North America). If you are not in the Kingston, Ontario area, you can listen online here.



Still flattered by all the encouraging and supportive emails I've been getting from friends and fans. Thank you thank you thank you!

Media, about and links pages updated.



Well, some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that on Thursday, the Home Is Not Here website crashed. The good news is that it's back up. The even better news is that there are tons of people from all over the world downloading "In the Shadow of the Mountain" . We've had people downloading from all across Canada, the US, the UK, Japan, Brazil and a few more places I can't remember! Thanks so much - and please, keep it up!



It’s finally happening! For years, I’ve been promising everyone a new album – which of course was then followed by innumerable false starts and more moments of frustration and writer’s block than I care to remember. Well, I’ve finally finished! I’ve decided to call the album You are a secret, and you must never tell it. The title is a nod to the great American postmodern poet John Ashbery.

I feel like one of the most important things I have to say about this album is that it’s a bit of a departure for me. Maybe I should rephrase that: some of the songs on the album are what you might expect from me (including, most obviously, the ones that have been available on various websites), but I’ve also included songs that you might not have expected. There’s indie-rock, electronic, folk, and even a few heavier tunes. That’s right: Kites Overhead gets heavy.

I’m shopping the album around to record labels right now, but before I started having to share release decisions with someone else, I wanted everyone to get a chance to get their hands on some of this music. In principle, I think music should be affordable – if not free – for consumers. So, with this in mind, I’m offering a free three-song EP.

The EP, called “In the Shadow of the Mountain,” will be available on March 31st, 2010, on the Home Is Not Here Records website. The EP is digital release only, and contains two songs from the upcoming album, as well as a cover of a song by The Magnetic Fields.

So, be sure to mark your calendars for March 31st! And don’t forget to tell your friends! I’m excited, I hope you’re excited, and I can’t wait for you to hear the new music!



Wow, has it really been almost a year since my last update? I apologize. But, I'm finally getting around to an update today because of some good news - I've been busy over the last few months, recording a new album. The album, called "You are a secret, and you must never tell it," is in its final stages of completion, and should be ready for a summer release. I've posted a few tracks for you to listen to. If you like the new tracks, you might want to consider becoming a fan of my Facebook page, or adding me as a friend on MySpace.

Also, I'm starting to put together a summer tour to launch the album. I'll be posting dates as they get confirmed.



Media and links pages updated.



Thank you to everyone who came to the show on Friday. It was a huge success - I don't think I've ever played a set that long! I've really enjoyed all the shows I've played here in Ottawa this year. And whether or not I'm coming back again to live, I'll definitely be around again to play. Thanks again.

For those of you who aren't in Ottawa, but want to check out the article I mentioned last week, you can read it here. Sorry I'm late with it - it wasn't online on Friday.



Don't forget to listen today to CHUO at 5pm. I'll be talking with Mitchell Caplan, host of "Click Here." I'm also going to play one or two songs. You can listen in Ottawa on 89.1FM, or online at

I'm also going to be featured in this Friday's edition of Metro. I'll post the link here then.



Bit of a quiet patch while I was finishing up school. The end of the tunnel is near, and what better way to celebrate than with a show? Come check out Kites Overhead at Cafe Nostalgica on June 27th. I'll be playing at least one new song.

And, for those who were wondering... I'll also be back to recording. Look for some new tracks in the near future.



Just wanted to mention the article in today's Ottawa Citizen. You can check it out by clicking right here, or, if you prefer, you could go out and buy an actual paper.

Show this Saturday. Avant-Garde Bar. Five bucks. Ten o'clock or so. See you there.



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